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Marble Cake Workshop

A simply PERFECT recipe for the all-time classic cake!



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About this Program
A simply PERFECT recipe for the all-time classic cake! Our Marvellous Marble Cake 1 Day-Program aims to equip participants with the proper techniques and caking baking principles to creating the Softest, Most Fluffiest Super Moist Marble Cake with our home bakers Formula.

This Program is designed for both new (non Skill future Applicable) and experienced bakers. This workshop will uses dark chocolate Couverture ( premium chocolate) for the brown batter, NOT cocoa powder)

Program Duration
4 hours

You’ll be learning

  • Hybrid techniques, it’s uses meringue plus creaming method result to the softness and moisturises the cake.

  • With this techniques, the cake is as soft as sponge cake.

  • It is as rich as butter cake with dark chocolates couverture adds to the batter which give out delicious flavour of the cake which melts in the mouth.

  • Learn the new way the marble this cake.

Do note

  • This is a fully hands on class

  • Everyone get their own individual cake

  • Bring back the whole creation back home

Each person will get one whole cake to bring back home for the love ones…WOW!

Additional information

Date & Time

20TH MARCH 2020 (FRIDAY) 4.00PM – 8.00PM, 4TH APRIL 2020 (SAT) 4.00PM – 8.00PM, 17TH MAY 2020 (SUNDAY) 10AM – 2PM


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