The biggest misconception Bakers have is thinking that the ability to bake well means having the key to owning a Successful baking business.

But that’s far from the truth.

You see, knowing how to bake is only the first step.

Do you have a business plan in mind?

Do you know how to price your products appropriately?

Do you know how to place your product effectively in front of your customers?

Do you know how to market your bakes and get in a steady stream of repeat customers?

Without proper processes, pricing strategy and branding your bakes as uniquely yours, you will become another one of the many bakers out there.

Forcing you to tighten and reduce your profit margins.

At the end of day it won’t make any difference between finding employment elsewhere and doing your own baking business.

I’ve been there too.

Exactly 10 years ago, I started out as a home baker with zero capital, business experience and baking experience.

However I was determined to turn my baking hobby into a business.

I continued investing time and effort into baking and marketing more of my bakes despite knowing NOTHING about business and was also an inexperience baker then.

The day when I sold my first 100 bottles of cookies – I know it was surely the start of something amazing.

And after the first big sale trickled in, I was hooked.

With each baking sales, I got a little bit better — and eventually gained confidence in my ability to package my interests and generate an income from them.

👉 Since then I’ve said more than 100,000 of my bakes.
👉 Educating more than 2K students locally and producing more than 150 Successful Bakery Owners.
👉Hosted Minister Yaacob Ibrahim as a Student in our Bread Program
👉Highest Reviewed Baking Academy in Singapore ( 500 reviews and counting )
👉And Most Recently Becoming the Finalist for SMCCI DEWI’s “Most Influential Womanprenuer”.

So if you are tired of not making enough profits from your bakery business this training is for you.

For the first time EVER, I’m sharing those best-kept industry secrets and the step-by-step process that I used to transform baking into profits in my EXCLUSIVE Bakery Entrepreneurship 1-day training.

And right now, it’s 90% OFF!

Normal Fees: $599
NOW $5𝟗.9𝟎
REMEMBER: The techniques of baking can be learnt everywhere, but understanding the fundamentals of running a baking business is not.

The registration window is OPEN and we’re already on our way to max capacity!

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